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Prince Night

I tried clicking on the translation link for Prince Night ~Doko ni ita no sa!? My Princess~ and it didn't work. I thought false credit was given. I did research and I found the actual lyric translation from that person --どこにいたのさ-my-princess-full-lyrics
-- I just can't add them onto the wiki so if someone could do that, itd be great. Thanks.
Prince Night ~どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS~ (Full lyrics)
Prince Night ~どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS~ (Full lyrics) Kanji: どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS マヂでGet you 視線が合う その瞬間 今までしてきた恋を 全部 忘れさせるほど 乱れ飛ぶレーザービーム 皆騒いで狂喜乱舞… Monochrome Prince
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