The Royal Tutor Arrives! is the first chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.

Summary Edit

Heine Wittegenstein arrives at the royal palace, in order to assume his duties as the royal tutor to the four younger princes of Granzreich. The king personally sent for him because he wanted to make sure that his younger sons are prepared for the throne in the event that something happens to the eldest prince. Heine meets the four princes, who completely refuse to acknowledge him for different reasons: Leonhard hates all teachers, Bruno doesn't think he can teach him anything more, Licht because his brothers are against him, and Kai says nothing at all but seems to act hostile towards him. Despite this, Heine ignores their attitude and tells them that he will meet with all of them, one at a time, to interview them.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

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