Café Break Game is the twenty-first chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.

Summary Edit

It's another day at Café Mitter Meyer as Heine secretly watches over Licht while he works. As he is serving Heine coffee, he casually asks him how did he and his father know each other, citing the time he saw them chatting together like old friends when his father decided to work at the café. He presses him, and Heine decides to use a game to decide whether or not he should answer his questions. He then marks a coin and puts it under the cup, and then shuffles it with another cup to make him guess where the coin is. Licht at first guesses incorrectly, but after carefully observing Heine the second round he correctly guesses that the coin was actually hidden in his sleeve. Heine concedes and tells him that he met Viktor a long time ago, back when he was known as Arsene Heine, the gentleman thief who always evaded the law, until one day he met Viktor, Licht is annoyed that Heine is still joking around despite losing the game, but is shocked to discover that the coin has gone completely missing. Heine tells him that he will wait for him outside. Once outside, Licht tells Heine that if he's ever in trouble, he should tell him. The two then leave for the palace.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

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