Future Salvation is the twenty-ninth chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.

Summary Edit

Kai, Heine, and Maximilian enter Ralf's mansion. Ralf tells them that he attacked Bruno back then because he thought he was only the top of the class because of he heard rumors that he was favored because of his pedigree. He apologizes, and when the newspaper article is brought up he claims that the newspaper made everything up. Just as he seems willing to help them correct the article, a group of thugs show up, and it's revealed that Ralf had lured them to his mansion for ransom from the palace. The group is tied up in the cellar. Ralf tries to take a photo of them for the ransom, but they joke around. Angered, he tries to stab Heine, which enrages Kai, who breaks out of his chains and is about to punch Ralf before he remembered his promise not to hurt anyone. Ralf tries to stab him, but Heine blocks his strike with his handcuffs. He then proceeds to beat up all the thugs. Ludwig arrives, but finds nothing for him to do. Despite everything, Kai forgives Ralf because he believes in giving people second chances. Heine asks him where did he heard the rumors of the royal family from, and he answers that it was from an acquaintance of his parents. A corrected version of the article is published later. Heine meets with Count Rosenberg, who says that he found out who he really was.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

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