The Princes' Secret!? is the seventh chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.


Heine attends to the princes' lessons, but soon notice that they all seem to be hiding something crucially suspicious. He assumes that they are planning to prank him but then resigns himself to it when Leonhard leads him somewhere. It turns out that he's wrong and the princes were actually planning a surprise welcoming party for him oddly enough. He also meets Princess Adele, the youngest of the royal children in this generation. When the deer that Leonhard hunted down was served as dinner, he's shocked to see it charred to the bone from his brothers trying to cook it. He starts to cry from the disappointment, but Heine eats the steak anyways and thanks him. He then shares the non-burnt part of the steak with everyone else. That night, as Heine lies in bed he thinks about how he doesn't belong there.

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