The Princes, Out on the Town! is the eighth chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.

Summary Edit

At the princes' lesson, Heine announces that they will be going out into town to observe the lives of the people. Everyone is excited except for Leonhard, until Heine scares him with stories of the guillotine. Before they head out, their grandmother gives them money to buy things. They take the carriage out into town, and Heine gives them a tour. When they reach the shopping district, they split up. Leonhard, never having bought anything by himself, gets confused with how to spend his money, while Bruno ends up buying too much books. When they find Kai, he's covered in pigeons. While eating sausages, they witness an old woman getting robbed. Leonhard decides to chase after the thief, but before he could run after him, Kai has already beaten him to the chase. The old woman offers them treats in gratitude. When they return to the palace at night, they are reminded of just how many people carry out their lives in their kingdom.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

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