Granzreich Family Edit

Bruno von Granzreich Edit

Similar to some sibling relationships, they argue a lot. Despite their arguing, they both care about each other deeply. For example, when Licht told Bruno that he hates him, he didn't really mean it. After avoiding each other for sometime, they both apologize to each other.

Leonhard von Granzreich Edit

Kai von Granzreich Edit

Viktor von Granzreich Edit

Adele von Granzreich Edit

Eins von Granzreich Edit

Others Edit

Heine Wittgenstein Edit

Licht was suspicious of Heine and wanted to learn more about him. During the interview, he asked Heine who he is, and there was no response. He likes to have Heine around because his lady friends like him. He grows to be more comfortable with Heine and at one point, calling him darling.

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