The Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine Official Character Book is the first character book for the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine series.

Content Edit

Gallery Edit

Part 1-Kingdom of Granzreich Character Profiles Edit

  • Royal Tutor Heine Wittgenstein
  • Second Prince Kai von Granzreich
  • Third Prince Bruno von Granzreich
  • Fourth Prince Leonhard von Granzreich
  • Fifth Prince Licht von Granzreich
  • King Viktor von Granzreich
  • Crown Prince Eins von Granzreich
  • First Princess Adele von Granzreich
  • Shadow
  • Queen Mother Maria von Granzreich
  • Beatrix von Lothringen
  • Ernst von Rosenberg
  • Maximilian von Rosenberg
  • Ludwig Steiner
  • Niche/Attendants and maids/Palace chefs/Coachman
  • Dmitri/Smerdyakov
  • Ralf von Fuchs
  • The Sister and the church children
  • Elmer von Bismarck

Part 2-Royal Album Edit

  • Long interview with Akai Higasa-sensei
  • Search for Professor Heine's Weakness! (manga)
  • Professor Heine's Favorite Things (manga)
  • Special message from Akai Higasa-sensei

Standalone Features Edit

  • Walking Around Weisburg Palace
  • Teach me! Professor Heine!! Supplementary Lesson Theme 1: Regarding the "Granzreich Royal Family"
  • Teach me! Professor Heine!! Supplementary Lesson Theme 2: Regarding the "Kingdom of Granzreich"
  • Café Mitter Meyer

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