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Chapter 65: A Burning Fighting Spirit
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Heine receives a second letter from Kai, delivered by Helene. As in last letter all he wrote about was wanting to pet soft things, Heine expects that this one would be no different. However, when he opened the letter he was shocked to see that it wasn't the case this time, and that now he can finally get an insight on what was happening on the training trip.

Kai writes that recently, his class did drills in the mountains. The instructor announced that in order to get them accustomed to the mountain paths, they would all have to climb the mountain in three hours when it normally took four and a half hours to reach the peak. The students didn't seem too bothered by this, but then it was further announced that they would also be carrying thirty-kilogram backpacks as they climbed, shocking everyone except for Kai.

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Episode 12: The Last Lesson
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Heine Wittgenstein is a adult man often mistaken for a child due to his short stature. One day, he's summoned to the royal palace by the King of Granzreich to become the royal tutor to four very different princes in the hopes of grooming them to be capable candidates to the throne. However, the princes have a reputation of forcing all their tutors to quit successively...will Heine be able to get through to them? Or will he be the next to go?
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