Ralf von Fuchs is a former student of the military academy that Bruno and Kai used to attend. He is currently incarcerated for attempting to hold Kai von Granzreich for ransom.


Ralf is a young man around the Kai's and Bruno's ages with a thin build. He has short, wavy blond hair that hangs in his face and narrow eyes.



He attended the same military academy as Kai and Bruno, but he bullied Bruno because he heard rumors from an acquaintance of his parents that the royal family could get away with anything, which caused Kai to lose his temper and both princes were suspended. He was quietly expelled from the academy. Ralf's family disowned and abandoned him, fearing what the other nobles would say about them. Without anything left, he joined a band of robbers who accepted him in exchange for his mansion. In order to truly join them, Ralf promised to lure a royal to the mansion and hold them for a huge ransom.