Smerdyakov (スメルジャコフ, Sumerujakofu) is a student and assistant to Doctor Dmitri.[1]

Appearance Edit

Smerdyakov is a tall, gruff-looking man with slicked-back blond hair and a square jaw.

Personality Edit

From his first appearance, Smerdyakov seemed cold and unfriendly. Titles and status don't seem to faze him, as he called Bruno rude for staring at Doctor Dmitri despite knowing he is a prince. Though he may not look like it, he is actually a kind and caring person who doesn't show his emotions easily.

History Edit

Smerdyakov is the firstborn son of a family of chefs. He was expected to inherit his family's prestigious restaurant, but chose instead to follow his dream of becoming a scholar and went to study under Doctor Dmitri.

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References Edit

  1. Manga Chapter 23, page 34

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