Viktor von Granzreich is the King of the Kingdom of Granzreich.

Appearance Edit

Viktor is a handsome man with shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes. Despite being the father of six children, with one of them being an adult, he looks quite young.

Personality Edit

As a king, Viktor takes his job very seriously and is always working hard at it. He's fair and clearheaded, able to see both sides of the situation. To his children, he shows a more fatherly side, getting emotional when he sees them and when he learns about their progress. However, he can be strict with them when he feels he has to be.

History Edit

Viktor ascended to the throne at the age of 18, the youngest of the Granzreich royals to do so. He was known as a warrior king who managed to make the Granzreich army the strongest on the continent. It is revealed that Victor and Heine knew each other in the past.

Viktor and Heine met each other after Viktor snuck out of the castle one night and got his watch taken by two kids. After catching up to them, Heine showed up and told them to give the watch back. Heine then left, with Victor following him. Viktor then saw the sewers, where children who were orphans lived. After giving a little girl an apple, Viktor helped Heine get food for the children whenever he snuck out. Then one night, the staff of the castle were worried about Viktor's dissapperance and sent a search party. Viktor and Heine were enjoying the festival in town until one of the guards noticed Viktor. Viktor and Heine ran until the watch Heine got from Viktor fell. After that, the guards caught up to them and assumed Heine was kidnapping the prince. When Viktor and Heine ran, Viktor saw one of the guards pointing their gun at Heine and was about to shoot till Viktor jumped in front of Heine and took the bullet for him. The guards assumed Heine used Viktor as a shield and tried to assassinate him. It is shown that Viktor is fine after he went to see Heine in his cell.

Plot Edit

Before the Story Edit

Viktor sends a letter to Heine asking him to come to the palace to serve as the tutor to the four younger princes in order to groom them for the throne.